2017 World Masters Allround Games; Registration & Payment

Entries must be made by filling out the Electronic Entry Forms available on the IMSSC website:     www.imssc.org

If you are not already registered as a user, please ask for your account details to the IMSSC
Secretary at info@imssc.org. If you are a registered user, enter your account details clicking on the – 5 – symbol on top of the home page at the right hand side, then choose the competition under themenu “Competitions”. Click on “Register” and then click on “Checkout” and fill-in all the requested data; finally click on “Process Registration”. You will get a confirmation by e-mail that your entry has been received by the Organizer. However, this message does not confirm your participation. The confirmation of your participation you can find in the Competitors List at the Organizers’ web-site:  http://www.fsjspeedskating.ca/

Entrance fee for competitors
The entrance fee for competitors is $235.00CAD.  The registration fees includes ONE ticket for the Welcome Reception and ONE ticket for the Closing Banquet.  Drinks at the closing banquet are not included. If a competitor cannot take part in the Welcome Drink or Closing Banquet a refund will not be made.