Registration News! CALLING ALL PARENTS AND VOLUNTEERS (Also known as Associates)

Our registration system seems like it has arrived at a place where we can get all of our Associates to register. We require all of our volunteers and parents to register as Associates to ensure that you are all covered under our insurance from BC Speed Skating whenever you are helping out our club. This can be anywhere from helping set up the mats to being one of our board members. This is why we ask that at least one parent/guardian from each family (the one who will be bringing skaters to practice) become an Associate.

We are asking that all of our Associates register this week as we need to have you all in the system ASAP, particularly before our short track meet this weekend! You will need to log in to your account (family) and add yourself as a member and don’t forget to click “register here” to sign yourself up as an associate!  You will receive a confirmation email as soon as you are done.  It all seems to be working smoothly now but if you have any problems, please email Susie at