September 19, 2016 Update

Greetings Club Members! Only a few things to include in today’s update.

Tentative start date for remaining groups

Our coaches have been busy juggling ice times and schedules (Thank you coaches!!) and it sounds like all groups that have not gotten on the ice yet will be starting on Tuesday, October 4th. Our next weekly update will include more detailed information including times and ice surface for each group.


There have been some questions and concerns about the new fundraising requirements and format. Attached you will find a fundraising tracking chart that Corrie Bennie will be updating and sending out to everyone on a monthly basis. As you complete your required fundraising blocks, Corrie will mark this on the tracking chart. Once you have completed all of your required blocks, a checkmark will be placed in the salmon coloured box on the far right. You will find the number of fundraising blocks required for each group in brackets in the group name box. If you want to find out what you have completed, find your child’s group and name. group-lts-1-block-chart

I have attached the Fundraising FAQ once again as it explains the block system quite well. A post dated fundraising cheque should have been given to the club as part of registration so if you do not want to take part in our fundraisers you can request that the club cash this cheque to pay out your blocks. fundraising-faq

Note: The club will have 3 fundraisers this season. Mega Lottery tickets (now), soup kits and tea (coming in November), and Purdy’s chocolates (Easter). You can spread your fundraising blocks throughout these fundraisers or complete all blocks in one fundraiser.


If you haven’t already registered online – please do so when you have finished reading this email! The link is and we need each skater to register on line AND please remember that we need at least one parent/guardian to register as an Associate with our youth skaters. I have attached instructions to this email if you need them. registering-online-for-speed-skating2016