Short Track Meet – October 21, 2017

We have our first Speed Skating meet coming up on October 21st!  This will be a short track meet (i.e. on the hockey rink) and will run most of the day.  It is open for ALL skaters to join so if your child is interested at all make sure to get their registration form in this week!

We will also need help to run this meet.  Attached is a volunteer sign up page – please fill in a spot (or two)!

For those of you who are new to the club here is a run-down of the various jobs that we will be needing help with – we are always willing to train people!

  • Meet Coordinator:  This is the job of organizing the event, we are always looking for people to help organize!
  • Referee:  These are the official who are on ice refereeing the event.  We have Wim Kok who is the chief referee for this event but he would be very happy to have an assistant to train
  • Starter:  These are the people who will be at the start line with the starting gun or whistle.
  • Place Judges:  These people stand near the finish line and determine which skater comes in first, second, third, etc
  • Timers:  Timers have the stop watches and are assigned certain skaters to keep track of.
  • Recorders:  These are the people who will take the information that the timers and place judges give them and enter the data into a computer to create the “results” that everyone is so eager for.
  • Lap Counter:  These people have to keep track of which lap the skaters are on and relay that information to the skaters (we have count-down books and an electric lap counter)
  • Track Stewards:  This is an on-ice position!  These people will be placing the lane markers, repairing damage to the ice and periodically pouring water to renew the track.
  • Results Runners:  These people are carrying the results from the timers/place judges to the recorders in a timely, organized manner.
  • Clerk of the Course:  These people are in charge of marshalling the skaters to be ready for their races.  They will be given lists of races and the skaters in them and will have the skaters ready and waiting for their races.
  • Safety Coordinator:  Arranges for the first aid people and works with them to prepare for the event
  • Bucket Filler/Gatekeeper:  We will need someone to fill the buckets for the track stewards and open the gates for the skaters.
  • Mat Set-Up Crew:  We will need a good crew of people (the more we have the faster it will go) to set up the mats in the morning before the event
  • Clean-Up Crew:  After the meet we will need some help cleaning up the mats and various other things from the meet.  It shouldn’t take too long!
  • Officials Lunch Room:  We always offer our volunteers lunch, coffee and some snacks for all of their hard work… so we will need someone to run our lunch room!  We will need to have someone in charge (we will have people who will assist and explain the process) and a few helpers.  We will also be putting out a request for food donations from our club members soon.

If you have any questions please email us at

Fort St John Elks Speed Skating Club