And we’re off!!

All of our skaters have now started skating!  Registration is now closed for our skaters under 12 but we will have a new session starting in January!

If you have ANY questions or concerns, please feel free to ask any of our executive members or senior coaches or email us at!  We do ask for you to please not direct your concerns to our junior coaches as they are kids themselves.

Our executive group this year is

  • Kim Telizyn – President
  • Wim Kok – Vice President (and coach)
  • Shadi Salehi – Treasurer
  • Kelli Cote – Secretary
  • Corrie Bennie – Fundraising Coordinator
  • Susie Keeler – Registrar
  • Kelli Cote, Kate North AND Josh Brown are our Equipment Team as well

Our Senior Coaches are Wim Kok, Jen Gibson, J.P. Sutherland and Kim McPhedran are coaching our youngest skaters with the help of a variety of junior coaches.  Tara Mitchell and Richard Stickel are coaching our skaters who are over 12 and our Masters!