Weekly Update Nov 9/14

    Weekly Update

Items to note:

*Due to unforseen circumstances, dryland training has been cancelled.
*We will be holding another registration session for people to try speed skating for a two week trial on Monday Dec 1 from 7-8pm.
*Canada Cup #1 is coming soon! For more information on what this is check out

Skating Schedule This week

Mon Nov 10, 2014 Regular Practice
Tue Nov 11. 2014 Remembrance Day – Pomeroy Sport Centre CLOSED: NO SKATING
Wed Nov 12; Regular Practice
Thu Nov 13 Regular Practice
Sat Nov 15 Fun Meet (Group 1 and 2) and Time Trials Group 3 and 4)

CLUB MEETING Wednesday November 12, 2014 Everyone invited

FUN MEET and TIME TRIALS Groups 1, 2, 3, and 4 Saturday November 15, 2014

Due to the unfortunate cancellation of the Dawson Creek Short Track Competition this past Saturday we are planning to add a FUN Meet competition for Group 1 and 2 skaters to our TIME TRIALS (Group 3 and Masters) at the Oval. This meet will be much like the one we organized in early March.

The competition will be an informal event and there will be no entry fee. All we need is volunteers to help run the event. (see list below)

We are in the process of securing additional ice time to the regular 10:00 -11:00 am block. We are looking at a 9:00 -11:30 block. We will keep you posted

With cooperation from everyone we should be able to get through the proposed program

Advance Sign-on: Group 3 and Masters: Mon and Wed at practice (preferred) Groups 1, 2 and 3: Thursday at practice (preferred) Also: Saturday morning

Notes: (1) Fun Meet Heats for Group 1 and 2 skaters will be based on times submitted for the Dawson Creek meet. Not to worry if there is no time

(2) Time Trials Time trial seeding will be based on this Fall’s time trial results.

    Proposed Schedule (draft)

08:30 – 8:45 Warm-up Off Ice Set–up Track (Olympic Style) Sign-on Time Trials (Olympic Style)
08:45 – 09:00 Warm-up On Ice Group 3 and 4 only Sign-on Fun Meet Groups 1 and 2
09:00 Races Start

Time Trials Group 3 and 4 100m and 500m (small break between) Fun Meet Group 1: 100m (2x)

Fun Meet Group 1: 50m (Starters move)

Warm-Up: Group 2

Fun Meet Group 2: 400m (Timers move)

Time Trials Groups 3 and 4 1000m (Starters move)

Fun Meet Group 2 200m

Time Trials Group 3 1500m (Timers and Starters move)

Fun Meet Group 2 300m

Time Trials Groups 3 and 4 3000m/5000 m (Starters move)

Fun Meet Group 2 500m (Starters move)

WHO DO WE NEED for this Meet.

Recorder/Clerk for organizing the skaters off
ice Track Stewards (track set-up and assist with organizing skaters on ice)
one or 2 Timers and Place Judges
Lap Counter for Time trials
Coordinator Wim


During last week’s electronic timing clinic we had six participants. In the kudos we missed Baily (Group 3 athlete). Thank your for participating and helping out. Much appreciated.

Thank You!!

Two notes of recognition: (1) to the skaters and parents who faithfully assist with moving mats on Thursdays and other days; and (2) to the skaters in Group 3 who coach and help out with the Group 1 and 2 practices. The same applies to the parents who help on the ice.

OFFICIALS CLINIC: Level 1: Introduction to Speed Skating and Officiating

Unfortunately we had only one person sign up, so we postponed the Level 1 Clinic. Date tba.